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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 16, 2016 4:30pm-4:48pm EDT

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us. in eastern portions of pennsylvania, a line of strong storms and warnings in effect, which could have an impact later on. scatter downpours over the next couple hours. that will slide off the coast. later tonight, we will see was left of the storms in pennsylvania. we will give you on top of this for all of our newscast. ed:dr the funeral of a jogger killed in princeton. heather: this afternoon, still no word on who killed vanessa marcotte. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan is live in princeton with the tributes to the young woman. nicole: while her death remains a mystery, the story of her life was clear at her service today; a story of love. hundreds of people joining in a winding procession through the streets of the place 27 -year-old vanessa marcotte once called home. the leominster church filled
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new york, where she worked for google. her body found just over a week ago in a wooded area in princeton after she failed to return from a jog. inside her services, no talk of what caused her death, only of what made up her life. >> nothing about evil or hatred, all about love and the impact that every day of the week, every minute, she had love. that was really the hallmark of her life. choosing to remain silent while they grieve the tragic loss of this loved young woman. again, police asking the public no matter how trivial they think it might be, to give them a call if you have seen anything. heather: aaron hernandez back in a courtroom this afternoon. ed: newscetner 5's todd kazakiewich is live in boston with what came out of today's hearing.
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february 13 is winter he impalement will begin on the murder -- is when jerry impalement will begin. he's charged with the murders of daniel de abreu and safiro furtado. they were shot and killed in 2012 in the south end after what the prosecution calls a chance encounter with the former patriot at a nightclub in boston. the defense is already challenging the credibility of witnesses who identify hernandez as the killer. >> testimony to be tainted in any way. the state does not want that either. i think in the interest of justice, everyone wants to describe what they saw and knew at that time. unfortunately descriptions have changed. todd: hernandez was smiling at various points during the hearing today. defense attorney jose baez says he expects to file a motion, seeking to limit the testimony of witnesses or exclude witnesses who would identify hernandez as the killer.
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of february, he told both sides they could consider that as very firm. ed: right now, a teenager is recovering after he was shot in south boston. the 15-year-old shot on gavin way around 11:30 last night. he was taken to bmc in serious condition and underwent surgery. we're told he is expected to survive. so far, no arrests. heather: hillary clinton talking gun control on the campaign trail. ed: maria: in west philly, clinton pledged to tighten gun control, reflecting donald trump's claimed that she would do away with the second amendment. clinton said she is ready and ready to take on the gun lobby if that means taking -- if that means saving lives. mrs. clinton: i want to keep you from being shot by someone that should not have a gun in the
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we need comprehensive background checks, close the gun show loophole, the online loophole. we need to pass a law finally that says people who are on the terrorist watch list cannot buy weapons in america. heather: earlier this month donald trump made controversial comments about clinton considered a death threat. he said he was simply touting second amendment supporters." sources tell abc news the gop nominee will receive his first classified briefing on wednesday. heather: the fbi sending its notes detailing its july interview of clinton to congress. ed: it was announced it will be no criminal charges against clinton tied to her e-mail use. the notes given to the house oversight committee. it will not be released to the public.
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her white house transition team. interior secretary former ken salazar will oversee a planning frequent and administration. donald trump cap chris christie delete his transition. ed: roger ailes is advising trump. he was ousted over claims of sexual harassment. ailes is helping trump prepare for the presidential debates, the first of those at september 26 at hofstra university. heather: hassan, running for u.s. senate, refused to answer the question of clinton's trustworthiness directly. >> i support clinton because her experience and record demonstrates she's qualified to hold the job. >> do you think she is honest? >> she has a critical plan among others for making college more affordable.
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commitment always to something beyond herself. heather: hassan's campaign reached out after to clarify that the governor doesn't see clinton as honest. kelly ayotte since she has no plans to endorse donald trump. ed: she says she will vote for her party's nominee in november. kelly: h significant disagreements. i will be endorsing him. -- won't be endorsing him. ed: senator ayotte says trump should release his tax returns. heather: curt schilling may be considering a stint in politics. he has his sights set on elizabeth warren. curt schilling says he wants to be one of the people responsible
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outspoken conservative and is interested in a formal senate run, but that his wife would have the final say. ed: a report released showing elevated levels of lead in water fountains in several boston public schools. superintendent johnny chang sending the findings to the school community. water fountains have been deactivated in seven schools. students and staff will be offered bottled water. heather: state police are investigating a drowning on cape cod. jorge arias drowned last night in osterville in joshua pond. he was playing with his daughter when he went under and did not resurface. his son, who was watching, got his sister out of the water and cold for help. ed: we know the name of the woman who drowned at worcester's coast pond. the body of 49-year-old joint jamilowski was recovered last friday. please do not recover her death
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we are told the victim suffered burns to her hands. fire fighters still investigating how the fire started. heather: a sharon woman accused of attacking and mbta commuter rail operator. 23-year-old and a blimp frederick that operator with -- 23-year-old emma bloom threatened the rail operator with a pocket knife. before pulling out the knife. major sentinel bust. ed: police discover a stash and cash in secret compartments. the suspects both facing traffic and charges. the men arrested on burgin parkway inside a honda. police found more than $5,000 in cash and bags of fentanyl stuffed inside those hidden
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complaints against officers. heather: a program in september is meant to address the grievances through mediation with officers. this year only 15 complains were identified as suitable for mediation. of those, 10 officers refused the chance take part. boston police say they are working to make officers more comfortable. the main accused in the murder of a new york imam and his assistant was in court today. oscar morel facing two counts of second-degree murder. both men were shot in the head outside their mosque in queens. ed: look at the size of this wildfire in flames. this is in southern california. it has consumed a church. the fire out of control north of san bernardino. more than 1000 acres have been scorched. nearby homes are also being evacuated. an arson charge connected to the
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will be a few strong cells in the region moving from west to east. we have to keep an eye on this because the air is becoming more unstable with time. even though no severe warnings in effect now, it's not impossible that some could be issued in the next hour. we could see some rotation with a couple of those cells. later on tonight, activity from the west moves eastward. during the wee hours of the morning even, there could be a few downpours or thunderstorm the night. that should slide offshore tomorrow morning. there is boston, clouds after the west. showers moving into metrowest begin to get closer to boston. 75 with a week sea breeze. where it has warmed with sunshine england, it's almost 90 in hartford. the air has become more humid. we have moved into the
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night with a few scattered storms. tomorrow's temperatures will still be willing 80's and start out very humid, but lowering humidity during the course of the afternoon. if you want to head to the beach, looks like improving day. slight chance of a thunderstorm early. a front comes through and less humid air becomes ours for a good few days. still going to be very warm in the next couple days. pc breezes will keep it cold or off the coast on into the start of the weekend. sometime early next week will be the next chance to get into some some appreciable rainfall. we will follow the storms as they go into metrowest. heather: concert of the flooding in parts of louisiana. ed: severe weather killed at least 10 there.
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however, it's impossible to go anywhere in the city, since most of the roads are still impassable. east of baton rouge, some residents braved the danger to see their homes for the first time. >> i am wondering what is left, if anything. everything that i had is gone. everything. >> reflect the end of your life, and of your world. we worked so hard for it. that was underwater. further south, is a race against time. people filling sandbags along bloated rivers, bracing for the deluge is the water works its way towards them. heather: your health tonight a , first in the fight against the zika virus. the spread of the virus from state to state. the cdc says an el paso, texas resident contracted the virus after visiting miami.
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mosquitoes that spread zika. ed: health insurance provider, aetna is dropping health exchanges in 11 of the 15 states where it operates. aetna says it has lost $430 million since the exchange opened two years ago. the move is a similar story. competitors including the , nation's largest insurer, unitedhealth group, also plan to exit the obamacare exchanges next year. heather: it seems the great flu mist debate is not over. back in june, the cdc recommend vaccine because of lack of evidence that the flumist vaccine works. but a canadian study says that judgment may have been too harsh. however, the two studies used different methods to analyze flu mist data. it's possible that the canadian study could lead the cdc to re-evaluate its stand. ed a new offer from google. heather: the feature launched by the tech giant.
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ton's" creator is taking tonight. a little bit of a loss on wall street tonight.
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i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me e what y're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oholutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. heather: captain america himself getting a little help from his pooch. sudbury's own chris evans
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challenge, tweeting out this video. the challenge is meant to raise awareness and month for -- awareness and money for veterans' mental heath and ptsd initiatives. evans challenging fellow marvel actors anthony mackie and jeremy renner. ed: kind of like the ice bucket challenge. reminds me so much of my dog. heather: my dog would never allow that to happen. [laughter] ed: then and heather haverm harvey: tracking scattered strong to severe storms in the area. how long the threat will last. ben: the controversial move that will put body cameras on boston police officers. heather: high lead levels, the local schools that did not pass the test. ben: a brush fire explodes. thousands of acres devoured. the evacuation underway right now. >> from boston's new leader,
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weather. harvey washing 2 storms closely, one north of worcester, the southern in southern western county. heather: stormteam 5 closely watching the potential of high-impact storms. harvey: right now they are not quite at the level to produce a severest form morning. but both cells are strong, and this one has had a history of showing rotation. even though they are not severe, they could be at any moment. this solenoid is connecticut south of northbridge, to the west-southwest of medway. let me show you some of the towns -- medway, nor folk, holliston and walpole, all over the next 15 minutes. torrential downpours, lightning possible and some strong damaging winds cannot be ruled


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